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    DUI convictions have become very prevalent. In fact, it is not uncommon for police forces to set up temporary DUI processing stations on the weekends or on holidays. Due to their frequency through the court system, leniency has kind of gone by the wayside. The consequences for this offense have become more and more strict. Additionally, depending on the severity of your offense you may be facing steeper oil expeller consequences. It is important to understand the possible penalties that you are setting yourself up for if you decide to take a chance and get behind the wheel while being under the influence of another substance.

    There are certain things you better be prepared for should you ever be stopped for DUI, with the first being asked by the officer if you are under the influence. From there he will proceed to check your driving record and registration. If the officer still feels you are DUI, he will begin doing field sobriety tests on you and when through with those he still deems it necessary he will request a chemical test such as a breathalyzer or blood test.

    After being officially arrested for a DUI you will have various possible consequences to deal with. This also includes criminal consequences and these will increase in severity each time you commit the same offense. The severity of the law infraction will also determine how harsh the consequences will be. First time offenders usually will receive less severe punishments then those that are facing their second or even third DUI offenses. Punishments can include anything, like fines, probations or time oil mill in jail.

    For some states, you may also have to deal with licensing penalties. This basically means that your driver’s license may be restricted or even revoked. Sometimes this means that you have to deal with a short term suspension, like a 30 day time period, to a longer term suspension which can last a couple of years. Additionally, you may be granted a restricted license. This might mean that you are getting to keep your driver’s license, but that you may only use it to get to and from work. In the states that provide for a repeat offender status the penalties for a DUI will be much harsher and will increase in severity with each additional DUI charge. At some point the driver’s license will be revoked, the license plates confiscated and entry into a registry that lists all those that ignore their restrictions.

    DUI’S unfortunately are becoming more and more problematic and common place yet should not be ignored or taken lightly. DUI is a serious legal problem and will come with serious penalties.

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